Trafton Academy Track

Trafton has a boys and girls team for the sixth, seventh, and eighth grades, although students from fifth grade may earn a spot on the sixth grade team. The track team is coached by Pat Tatum, Todd Rockett, Shawn Hyland, Charlie Hurd and Dan Mewhinney.
2017 Roster as of Jan 25th.   High Jump and Long Jump will be at PE this week.  Hurdle try-outs will continue on Monday.   Bolded names have made the team.

8th Grade Boys                                    8th Grade Girls
Nathan Yifrach                                      Sonya Green
David Adair                                           Raina Siahatgar
Miles Green                                          Callie Young
Deklan Brown                                        Rachel Barker
Blair Reeves                                           Megan Morris
Jack Bradshaw                                       Ryann Moos
David Saether                                        Sarah Keene
Wesley Buckner  
                                     Ryan Holcomb               
Cameron Thornton
Jack Johnson                                     
Brett Bazarsky    
Jonathon Stein 
Leor Belleli   

7th Grade Boys                                   7th Grade Girls

Nico Mur                                                Shelbi Rack
Spencer Gibbs                                       Madi Kennedy
Zane Bennett                                        Azeale Gannaway
Noah Brezner                                       Jamison Bird
Marshall Hudson                                   Jordan Speets
Gavin Mott
                                          Georgia Leppard-K


6th Grade Boys                                   6th Grade Girls
Dylan Young                                        Hadley Wormser
Harrison Acquaro                                 Alexine Solmons
Grant Griffiths                                      Mia Tuckwood  
Kevin Jessett                                       Maren Brown  
Jase Schmalz                                      Aurora Page    
Jonny DeLeef                                      Ella Richardson   
Jack Larson                                         Claire Shelley
Case Bennett                                         
Colin Green                                            
Sean Brice                                            
Jackson Lang   


Please navigate the following calendar for dates and locations of Trafton track events.  Click on the event title to see detailed information including event descriptions, dates, times, locations, and addresses.  Once you have opened an event's information window, you may also select "map to location" to open a Google map for directions.

For Trafton Academy track records, click here. Updated thru 2016

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June 2017
Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
1June 1, 2017
Teacher In-Service
2June 2, 2017
Teacher In-Service
3June 3, 2017
4June 4, 2017
5June 5, 2017
6June 6, 2017
7June 7, 2017
8June 8, 2017
9June 9, 2017
10June 10, 2017
11June 11, 2017
12June 12, 2017
13June 13, 2017
14June 14, 2017
15June 15, 2017
16June 16, 2017
17June 17, 2017
18June 18, 2017
19June 19, 2017
20June 20, 2017
21June 21, 2017
22June 22, 2017
23June 23, 2017
24June 24, 2017
25June 25, 2017
26June 26, 2017
27June 27, 2017
28June 28, 2017
29June 29, 2017
30June 30, 2017
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