Trafton Academy Track

Trafton has a boys and girls team for the sixth, seventh, and eighth grades, although students from fifth grade may earn a spot on the sixth grade team. The track team is coached by Pat Tatum, Todd Rockett, Linsey Bear and Karen DiazGranados.
2021 Roster as of Feb 6th.   High Jump and Long Jump practices will be at PE only. 

8th Grade Boys                                    8th Grade Girls
Richie Davis                                        Aditi Bhakta
Carter Jessett                                     Abbie McNally
Kevin Chen                                         Olivia Wilson
Chris Barrios                                      Kristina Kochukova
Pedro Batarse                                    Lainey Hollerbach
Henry Urbani                                      Kylie Koehn
Austin Conte                                      Juliana Ochoa
Nicholas Zografos                               Moriah Meicler
Elliot Anderson                                   Anna Pilibosian
Shaan Patel                                        Olivia Wirth
Travis Ray
Jack Jacobs
Jonathan Shebay                                                            

7th Grade Boys                                 7th Grade Girls

Dylan Katz                                              Bianca Sieler
William Connor                                       Alexis Nasser
Sebastian Riera-Perez                          Roni Bardugo
Luke Davis                                            
Matthieu Besnard                                  
Carter Hill                                             
Ben Jarosz                                           
William Bryant                                            
Ben Carlson                                           
Emilio Batarse                                      
Troy van Valen
Darius Armstead
Toby Jukes
Vivek Tare

6th Grade Boys                                   6th Grade Girls
Lucas Wilson                                        Jordan Frawner
Oliver Bishop                                        Lucia Rapazzo-Zanca
Brian Zhang                                          Leena van der Schans
Benjamin Szklaruk                                Ava Tcharmtchi
Matthew Urbani                                    Lea Garcia
Naail Virani                                           Lila Habiby
Hudson Philbin                                     Ava Langford
Rohan Sharma                                     Izzy Marblestone
Jonathan Lorch                                    Sadie Westbrook


Please navigate the following calendar for dates and locations of Trafton track events.  Click on the event title to see detailed information including event descriptions, dates, times, locations, and addresses.  Once you have opened an event's information window, you may also select "map to location" to open a Google map for directions.

For Trafton Academy track records, click here. Updated thru 2020

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September 2021
Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
1September 1, 2021
2September 2, 2021
3September 3, 2021
4September 4, 2021
5September 5, 2021
6September 6, 2021
Labor Day, No School
7September 7, 2021
8September 8, 2021
9September 9, 2021
Gr 7 & 8 Parent Meetings 7:00-9:00 PM
10September 10, 2021
11September 11, 2021
12September 12, 2021
13September 13, 2021
14September 14, 2021
15September 15, 2021
16September 16, 2021
Yom Kippur, NO SCHOOL
17September 17, 2021
18September 18, 2021
19September 19, 2021
20September 20, 2021
Family Night at Escalante's Meyerland
21September 21, 2021
22September 22, 2021
23September 23, 2021
24September 24, 2021
25September 25, 2021
26September 26, 2021
27September 27, 2021
28September 28, 2021
29September 29, 2021
30September 30, 2021
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