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Trafton is owned by educators who believe in the inherent value of each child. As educators, they are involved in the daily operations of the school and offer invaluable experience and insight to the staff and families. 

Our teachers and families work together in the development of the children, academically and socially. Students are supported in the development and improvement of their organizational skills, cooperative and team spirit, work ethic, and discipline. 

We offer a rigorous honors-level curriculum as well as a challenging on-level program, better meeting the needs of all our students. Each student is unique, and Trafton provides a nuturing environment where students are recognized for their individual strengths. Character development is emphasized each day, as students are taught the value of a life filled with integrity, respect and kindness.

Trafton attracts and retains some of Houston's finest teachers - educators who are committed to challenging and stimulating each child while encouraging students to reach their highest potential.


What makes Trafton unique?


A traditional approach to learning
High Expectations
Character Development


Core Values

Empathy, Honesty, Integrity, and Responsibility