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Boy's Basketball

Trafton's basketball program consists of four different programs: Varsity boys (7th/8th), Junior Varsity boys (5th/6th), Varsity girls (7th/8th), and Junior Varsity girls (5th/6th). Home games and practices take place at Chancellor's Family Center. Basketball season begins in late October and ends in late January.


2022 Varsity Boys Final Roster

Jonah Dolibois
Preston Gorski
Brian Zhang
Jacob Sheinbein

Carter Comstock
Will Conte
Chase Mould
Ben Chapin
Owen Walters
Cannon Thomas
Mohr Sasson
Augie Bernal

Coach: Tristan Anderson


Junior Varsity Boys:
Cole Walters
Evan Fuller
Liam van der Schans
Kristan Gray
Caelan Philbin
Rush Sheaffer
William Gagliardi

Chase Sabloff
Samuel Habiby
Jack Fairbanks
Mason Bui
Nelson Diaz-Granados


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