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Art and Band are offered as ancillary classes throughout the week. Students are introduced to band in 3rd grade with the recorder. In grades 4-8, band is offered as an elective. Trafton offers beginner, intermediate, and advanced band with instruments including the clarinet, trumpet, trombone, saxophone, and percussion. However, if your student plays a different instrument from our offerings, we welcome them to join the Trafton band! Our band is taught by Kristen Fusco who has over twenty years of teaching experience in a wide variety of instruments and musical styles. 


For students in grades PreK and Kindergarten, we offer weekly music lessons through our partnership with Music Together. Trafton cubs are introduced to researched-based curriculum which supports social, emotional, and cognitive development. The benefits of music are life-long and, outside of Music Together, our teachers incorporate music within their lessons.