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  The Pre-K curriculum introduces key foundations while developing social interaction skills and core values.  Areas of focus include phonological awareness, number sense, patterns, reasoning, critical thinking, language use, and developing social and gross motor skills.

Trafton provides a well-balanced learning experience for your young student.  Children learn and develop through exploration and play. Our developmentally appropriate learning environment supports imaginative play, character development, small group learning, outdoor time, circle time and self-directed centers. 

Trafton Kinder Cubs are challenged and supported to master concepts preparing them for 1st grade. Social skills are key to the continued development of your child, and we encourage students to act with kindness, integrity, and respect for others. We strive to develop well-rounded individuals who thrive academically and emotionally. Each Cub is encouraged to reach his or her full potential!

Primary School Curriculum

  • Small group and individualized instruction in letter recognition, phonological awareness, concepts of print, writing and number concepts.
  • Math, language, and science learning centers
  • Super Kids reading program
  • Focus on the development of fine motor skills
  • Dramatic play
  • Multi-sensory activities allow each child to explore, discover, and acquire a love of learning.
  • Enrichment: Art, Prelude music program, Physical Education, field trips.
  • SuperKids Reading Program
  • Saxon Math
  • Literacy and math centers
  • Social centers
  • Science and social studies research projects
  • Ancillaries: Art, Prelude music program, Physical Education, field trips.