Trafton has a swim team, open to students in the 6th-8th grades. 
Practices will be at Chancellors indoor pool, starting Monday November 11th. 
The team will be coached by Sallie Wilson.

Trafton Academy Swim Team 2019-2020:
Abris Kellermayer             Lilian Howard                          
Colin Senftleber                 Kiki Fong
Itay Lador                         Sophie Guerts
                                         Rebecca Pullin
                                         Hannah Schwartz
                                         Byer Schwatrz
                                         Sam Rosen

Sawyer Norton                Nora Topek
Henry Urbani
Richie Davis
Jonathan Shebay
Ben Carlson                   
Cooper Sabloff                 Darcy Sabloff
Luke Davis
Martin Bilow                                   

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