Trafton Academy Cheer

The 2019-2020 Trafton Academy Cheerleading Squad is coached by Deborah Liss-Frank.  The squad cheers at games, leads pep rallies, and act as representatives for various school functions. 



Cheer meeting for prospective 2020-2021 cheer candidates!

Thurs, April 2, (3:30-4:15 pm) Annex Rm #13 (Pick up at 4:15 pm, Cliffwood campus)



2019-2020 Cheer


Kiki Fong, Co-Captain

Sophie Geurts, Co-Captain

Lilian Howard, Co-Captain

Isabelle Massaro, Co-Captain


Lulu Bass

Eileen Chen

Stella Frank

Nina Lang

Lucy Logan

Katie Robinson

Susannah Rosof

Ellie Stander

Byer Swartz

Hannah Swartz