Student Organizations

Trafton has a number of organizations students may join and participate in.

Student Council

Each Trafton homeroom elects a primary and alternative student council representative.  The student council organizes and raises money for events like food drives.

National Junior Honor Society

Trafton invites its best and brightest students to join the National Junior Honor Society.  The NJHS emphasizes continued academic excellence, outstanding conduct, and service in the community.

Photography Club (Link to Photography Website)

The Trafton Photo Club was created to provide an opportunity for students to learn about photography and explore their interests in making images for both themselves and for the school yearbook and newspaper. The main focus for the club is to provide a fun and creative space for the students to explore their interests in photography and the arts.

Over the course of the year, students will learn the basics surrounding how their cameras work, rules for composing images, and explore new photographic techniques. Each week, students go over a new concept, have some time to practice, and then create photos over the week to be included in personal portfolios or on the Photo Club website.

Students showing commitment to the club may also be included for consideration for photo assignments for the school yearbook and/or newspaper and may even have images included on the school website or social media. In addition, all students who photograph for the photo club may be considered for inclusion in student art shows throughout the year. The club meets on Fridays after school and is currently open to 6th - 8th grade students. 5th grade students are invited beginning in January. A more detailed schedule will be created at the start of the school year.  

Book Club

5th and 6th grade students are invited to participate in the Trafton Book Den, a book club, designed to provide students interested in reading an additional space to explore new stories. The club meets the last Thursday of every month during lunch to discuss the assigned book. Books are assigned each month and students can provide input on the books they wish to read for the club.

Tiger Tribune (Journalism)

Students may join the staff of the Trafton Tribune, the school's monthly newspaper.  Students from all grade levels are encouraged to participate, writing their own stories, ranging from school events to local restaurant reviews. Each year an 8th grade student is appointed editor.