Trafton hosts a number of events each year where students, friends, and family can get together for great time.


Fall Carnival

Each fall, Trafton hosts a neighborhood carnival, complete with rides, inflatables, games, food, and fun.  Trafton takes pride in its annual fall festival.

Chili Cook-Off

Trafton families gather annually for an evening of chili-tasting and socializing. Each homeroom in grades Pre-K through 6 compete for the best chili, best decorated table, and fan favorite. It's a "hot" bunch of fun!

Pool Parties

Located next to Willow Pool, Trafton hosts a pool parties at various times during the year.  Students eat, swim, and hang out in the sun and shade.

Spring "Dance" at SkyZone

The student council organizes a yearly "dance" for Trafton students at SkyZone, where kids can let loose and have fun.