Trafton has a strong commitment to encouraging its students' creativity and forms of expression.


Band is one of Trafton's most popular elective classes and is offered to all students in grades 4th-8th. The band is led by Kristen Fusco, who has over twenty years of teaching experience in a wide variety of instruments and musical styles.

Trafton offers beginner, intermediate, and advanced band. The most promising band members are offered the chance to join the Honor Band, both Symphonic and Concert groups.  Students have the opportunity to compete in a Solo and Ensemble Contest as well as audition for the Houston Area Private School Honor Band.  During the Fall, band students are encouraged to participate in field trips to play with a variety of private high school band programs. As an introduction to band, 3rd grade students begin to learn to read music and play the recorder. 

Trafton encourages students with advanced talent in particular instruments such as piano and violin to incorporate their abilities into band performances.


Trafton's Pre-K-5th grade take weekly music classes taught by J.C. Blaker. Most of their music time is devoted to learning and rehearsing songs for the annual Holiday Show in December and the Spring Musical in May.  6th grade students may choose choir as an elective.

Holiday Show

Every December, Trafton celebrates the holiday season with a huge show that emphasizes holiday traditions of all kinds and reflects the diversity of Trafton's student body.

Spring Musical

In May, Trafton puts on its annual Spring Musical, which focuses on spring and summer themes to get everyone in the mood for warmer weather.


“ART” is the creative side of “Smart”. Trafton art students discover the many elements used in creating art.

Projects focusing on “line," “perspective," “color," etc. to help students understand and appreciate great works and then create their own. Students are inspired by local artists, American masters and different world cultures. Taking a closer look at the people and stories behind art makes it meaningful.

Art education nurtures creativity as it engages children in a process that aids in the development of self-esteem, cooperation, and innovative and inventive thinking.

Art education is woven into the curriculum as a weekly course for Pre-K - 5th grades and as an elective for 6th - 8th grades.


Trafton has heART