Trafton COVID-19 Policy

Trafton Covid-19 Response and Re-opening Plans



Letter from the Principal and Director Regarding Re-opening

Trafton 2020-2021 School Year Re-opening Plan

Trafton COVID-19 In-School Instruction Waiver


Dear Parents,


We know that everyone is anxious about the coming school year. We have had many phone calls and emails asking us about our plans. We have been going over guidelines given by the Texas Education Agency as well as examining procedures at schools throughout the state.


The Start of the School Day:


Our official school day will begin at 8:00 A.M. This will allow time to do temperature checks of all arriving students. We will also be requesting that parents check their student’s temperatures before leaving home, and that temperature-reducing medications not be given to students before bringing them to school. Teachers and staff will also have their temperatures checked. 


Obviously, this may impact morning carpool, so household drivers should factor this into their daily schedules. Students may be dropped off on the McDermed campus as early as 7:15 A.M. The Cliffwood campus will not open for drop off prior to 7:30 A.M.


Hygiene and Sanitation:


Automatic hand sanitizers are being installed in all classrooms, and students and teachers will be urged to use them and/or wash hands frequently.


Rooms are cleaned nightly, but cleaning supplies will be available in all classrooms to wipe down desks and commonly touched surfaces (i.e. doorknobs, staplers, etc.) throughout the day.


In the event that a student shows symptoms of Covid-19, the students will be isolated until parents can pick them up, and the nurse’s area and will be thoroughly disinfected.




We are requiring that students in grades Pre-K-8 wear face coverings for the duration of the day. Break and lunch will be times for supervised “mask breaks” with proper social distancing when they are outside and when they eat. Teachers will also wear face coverings throughout the day.






We are arranging schedules so that, for the most part, teachers will move from class to class so that students are not moving unnecessarily. There may be exceptions, however.


Field Trips and Sports:


No field trips will be planned for at least the first semester of the school year.


PE will proceed with necessary precautions being taken for social distancing.


Fall sports will proceed with a reduced schedule and numerous safety protocols as required by the Greater Houston Athletic Conference.  Additional protocols have also been established in an agreement with The Zone for gym usage.


We will send regular updates as news develops and as the TEA and Governor’s office issues further guidelines.