Our Mission

Our Mission: Trafton Academy's mission is to provide the environment and opportunity for the maturation of each child into a well-adjusted adult, equipped to work in and enjoy the world in which he lives.


Our Philosophy: The school exists for the welfare of the student. Education is student-centered and each child is recognized as an individual with unique interests, needs, and abilities. Students learn most effectively in low student-teacher ratio environment, and class sizes at Trafton do not exceed twenty students. The school establishes an atmosphere in which students develop abilities to think originally and analytically, to draw logical conclusions and to express these thoughts in written and spoken form.


Our History: Trafton Academy was founded in 1973 and has been under the supervision and care of the recently deceased Director Sylvia Bryan and now her son Pat Tatum, and Principal Inez Hutchins since 1982. Every year Trafton graduates go on to some of the finest high schools in the city.


Our Location: Trafton Academy is located in the secure, established neighborhood of Willow Meadows in the Meyer Park area of southwest Houston. The quiet, residential setting of the campus is enhanced by tree-covered patios and large recreation areas. Trafton is within just a few minutes driving time from residential areas such as Bellaire, Meyerland, and West University.