Application Process

In order for a student to be considered for admission, we must have the items listed below, A-E. Please read through to the end as there are new requirements for the 2021-2022 school year. 

Summer 2021 Admissions Update: We are still accepting applications for several grades. Please call the Main Office, 713-723-3732 and speak with Patrick Cone before beginning the application process to inquire about openings. You may also email: Applications may be submitted and will be considered on a rolling basis as files are complete and as space is available until we are at capacity for the grade level considered.


A. Completed Application:Trafton prefers that you complete your child's application online. Please click HERE to begin the application process.

B. Teacher Recommendation Forms:These forms are made to be edited online. Please download and email them directly to your child's teacher(s).

--For incoming applicants for Pre-K and Kindergarten, please use the Early Childhood Teacher Recommendation Form

--For incoming applicants for 1st - 5th Grades (and 6th if your child only has 1 teacher), please use the Teacher Recommendation Form,1st-5th

--For in-coming applicants for 6th - 8th Grades, two forms are required. Please use the Math Teacher Recommendation Form, 6th-8th and the English Teacher Recommendation Form, 6th-8th

Teacher Recommendation Forms must completed by your child’s current teacher. In order for your child's teacher to get to know him or her, please give the form to your child's teacher after the end of the first grading period. The teacher should email, mail or fax (713-723-1844) the form to our office no later than January 29, 2021 - Please make sure all teacher recommendation forms are submitted to teachers no later than the end of January to allow adequate time to return and review by admission committee


C. Testing Requirements: Trafton requires applicants to submit current (no more than one year from the date of administration) testing. For students needing the WIPPSI or the WISC, Trafton Academy works directly with Tami Renfro with Educational Specialists, LLC. Please contact her office directly to coordinate your testing needs: 713.461.7996, Click the links for the following documents: Introductory Letter from Tami Renfro, Student/Family Information Form.

For students applying to Pre-K, Kinder, 1st - 4th Grades: Please submit either the WPPSI/ WISC administered by a licensed diagnostician or psychologist. Please request that the agency/tester send the report directly to Trafton. For applicants that have two years of standardized test scores such as IOWA, ERB/ CTP V, Stanford or MAPS, you may submit these to avoid additional testing. Trafton will accept scores from any administrations during the Fall and Winter 20-21.

For students applying to 5th Grade: Applicants may submit one of the following options: 1.The ISEE HERE., register Our Member Code is: 571114). 2.The SSAT, view testing options HERE. 3.Submit 2 years of standardized test scores (IOWA, ERB/ CTP V, Stanford or MAPS). 4. If your child has taken the WISC administered by any licensed diagnostician or psychologist, please request that the agency/tester send the report to Trafton. 

For students applying to 6th - 8th Grades: Applicants may submit one of the following options: 1.The ISEE, register HERE. Trafton School Code, 571114. 2.The SSAT, register HERE. SSAT is offering a convenient at home version this year. 3.Submit 2 years of standardized test scores (IOWA, ERB/ CTP V, Stanford or MAPS). 4. If your child has taken the WISC administered by any licensed diagnostician or psychologist, please request that the agency/tester send the report to Trafton. 

New this year, we are highly recommending students take the Character Skills Snapshot, which is a short assessment taken at home. Getting to know an applicant and an applicant's character has always been an important part of our admissions process. This new tool allows us to further measure a child’s developing character skills.To learn more and register for an at-home assessment, go to SNAPSHOTThe Character Skills Snapshot is included in the SSAT testing and not additional. Please call the admission office with any questions regarding the Snapshot.

Please have testing completed by Friday, January 22, 2021-EXTENDED to February 1, 2021. Please contact the admission office if you have questions about testing.  713-723-5888.

D. Report Cards:

For students applying Pre-K, K,1st-2nd Grades, previous year and current year are required and as applicable depending on previous enrollment in school.

For students applying to 3rd-8th Grades, the previous two years and a current year report card through the second nine weeks (the first semester) are required. Current year reports should be submitted in January 2021 and not before.

E. Student visits: Currently, our campus is closed to visitors. If and as the situation changes, we will adjust procedures and update the website. If we are able to do in-person visits these will likely take place in January and February 2021. For students in grades 5th-8th we are encouraging you to make a short video through Flipgrida fun video-producing website designed for students. You may join the unique prompt through this code: 1af234ac. Please log in as a guest, using the password: Trafton! Individual videos submitted are not available for public viewing. Only the Trafton Academy admissions team may view submitted videos. Please contact the office, 713-723-5888 with any questions.


*We understand there may be missing documents and potential gaps in applicants’ performance due to COVID-19. Please provide all available documents.


Ready to apply?  You may click HERE to begin your online application process.  Applications and all required materials for the 2021-2022 school year are due by Friday, January 22, 2021. 



Trafton prefers that applications are filled out and submitted on-line. If you need a paper application click on one of the following links for a .PDF: Pre-K, Kindergarten and Grades 1-8.