Our comprehensive curriculum emphasizes reading and language arts, social studies and sciences, and math. Additionally, our specialized enrichment programs including music, art, and physical education help make Trafton Academy a unique school.  The school schedule is designed with our students in mind; core academics are taught early in the day, followed by a school-wide daily break allowing students to regroup and recharge before returning to class.


The Pre-K Cubs staff are compassionate, experienced, and truly care about each child.  The Pre-K curriculum introduces key foundations while developing social interaction skills and core values.  Areas of focus include concepts of print, phonemic awareness, number sense, patterns, reasoning, solving problems, using language, and developing social and gross motor skills. 

We provide a well-balanced learning experience for your young child.  Children learn and develop through exploration and play. Our developmentally appropriate learning environment supports imaginative play, character development, small group learning, outdoor time, circle time and self-directed centers.


The Kindergarten program sets the foundation for success through our 8th grade and will create a life-long love for learning in each of our students.  Through group and individual lessons, directed and self-directed centers, and thematic learning, each Kinder Cub is encouraged to reach his or her full potential. 

Using Handwriting Without Tears strategies, SuperKids! Reading, Saxon Math, and The Daily 5, the students are challenged and supported to master concepts preparing them for 1st grade.  Social skills are key in the continued development of children, and we encourage students to act with kindness, integrity, and respect for others.  We strive to develop well-rounded individuals who thrive academically, socially, and emotionally.


Our Lower Elementary classes offer a low student to teacher ratio with an average class size of 13-16 students.  The 1st grade transitions from Kindergarten to a more structured classroom aligned with the Trafton core curriculum that provides a strong foundation in language arts and math, an emphasis on good citizenship in social studies, and hands-on nature study in science. Creativity is encouraged with application of students' original ideas and higher-level thinking to classwork and projects. 

Building on the foundations of 1st grade, our 2nd graders begin to read more fluently and write various text forms and more complex sentences while still fostering a love of learning for all subjects. Beginning in 3rd grade, the use of text books is an integral part of the learning environment. Curriculum focuses on advanced reading skills, Saxon Math, spelling, handwriting, creative writing, science and social studies. Students learn study skills and work habits which will prepare them for Upper Elementary.

In the Upper Elementary, classes continue the low student-to-teacher ratio with an average of 14-20 students. It is our goal that as our students grow and mature each successive year, they are increasingly able to manage their own work and materials.  Structure, responsibility, and organizational skills are stressed as well as character development.  Both the honors and grade-level curriculum continue to emphasize language arts, which includes reading, vocabulary, spelling, writing and grammar; Saxon Math; more in-depth life and earth sciences; and U.S. geography, and U.S. history.  Students may begin to participate in and try out for school sports teams and many extra-curricular activities such as band, student council, photography club, book club, or the school newspaper.


As students mature, Trafton aims to meet their individual needs by offering three levels of academics and curricula, including honors, advanced, and grade-level. Teachers provide a strong framework and an exceptional foundation in composition, grammar, literature, math, history, and sciences to prepare students for high school and beyond.  Computer Science, geography, and Spanish (as an elective) are part of the 7th & 8th grade curricula. 

Looking forward to high school, 8th grade math and science teachers integrate the use of on-line textbooks and homework assignments.  Students may graduate from Trafton with four high school credits, including Algebra I, IPC Integrated Physics and Chemistry, Spanish I, and Computer Science.